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We believe that a right hairstyle will light a woman or man face, providing him or her more confidence and assurance in front of people. This is why we put our great effort to meet our customers needs, whatever their backgound and origine. We do hair to all communities. Just tell us what you want to do. 

mary braids hair stylist


Braid Styles Specialist

Mary is a passionate braids stylist dedicated to helping people get the best look they deserve, offering consultations and recommending hair styling products.


Hair Services

Box Braids

fulani-braids Fulani Braids

Goddess-Braids Goddess Braids

Jumbo Box Braids Jumbo Braids

Knotless Braids Knotless Braids

Lemonade Braids Lemonade Braids

Micro Braids Micro Braids

Triangle Braids Triangle Braids

Bohemian Braids Bohemian Braids

Bob Braids Bob Braids

Senegalese Twists Senegalese Twists

Spring twists Spring twists 

Havana Twists Havana Twists 

Kinky TwistsKinky Twists 

Marley Twists Marley Twists 

Nubian Twists Nubian Twists 

Passion Twists Passion Twists 

Cornrows Up do Cornrows Up do

Cornrows Straight Back

Crochets Crochets 

Sew-in Sew in

retwists Re-twists 

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