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Intricate box braids by the skilled stylists at Mary Braids, Omaha's finest hair braiding salon, symbolizing cultural pride and fashion.

Box Braids

Focusing on the art of exceptional box braids, we at Mary Braids seamlessly blend African heritage with contemporary styling, offering hairstyles that embody both beauty and cultural depth. Our clients experience more than a fashion statement; they engage with a rich tradition that honors our heritage. We are committed to elevating box braids, showcasing them as not just a style, but a symbol of cultural pride.

Close-up of a client's twist braids at Mary Braids, Omaha's best hair braiding salon, showcasing expert craftsmanship and style.

Twist Braids

Specializing in exceptional twist braids, We at MaryBraids combin cultural heritage with modern styling for unique and fashionable looks. In our salon, every twist braid is crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring both style and hair health. More than just a hair service, we offer a culturally rich experience that celebrates individuality and the artistry of braiding.

Expertly crafted cornrow styles at Mary Braids, the top-rated hair braiding salon in Omaha for authentic African hairstyles.

Cornrows Styles

At Mary Braids, we specialize in cornrows, a traditional African hairstyle that's as much about heritage as it is about fashion. Each braid is tightly woven close to the scalp, forming neat rows that mimic the look of cornfields – that's where they get their name! It's not just braiding for us; it's creating art on your head with intricate patterns and designs. And for that extra zing, we love adding beads and accessories to make your cornrows uniquely you.

Elegant woman showcasing luscious sew-in weave hairstyle by Mary Braids, the best hair braiding salon in Omaha.

Extensions & Weaves

Proudly offering top-notch sew-in and weave hairstyles, we at Mary Braids provide options for those seeking added length, volume, and style. Our expertly done sew-ins attach extensions to cornrows or a net for a secure, natural look, while our weaves, attached via various methods, offer diverse textures and styles. Both techniques are great protective styles, giving your natural hair a rest while you enjoy a fabulous new look.

Client with beautifully crafted dreadlocks at Mary Braids, the African hair braiding specialists in Omaha.

Dreadlocks and Locs

We at MaryBraids, we honor the timeless tradition of dreadlocks and locs, creating styles that resonate with cultural significance and contemporary flair. Each set of dreadlocks and locs we craft is a testament to our dedication to preserving a historic art form while infusing it with modern creativity.

A client receiving a luxurious shampoo treatment at Mary Braids Salon, Omaha's destination for comprehensive hair care and African braiding.

Haircare and Styling

Emphasizing both haircare and styling, we at MaryBraids ensure our clients enjoy hairstyles that are as healthy as they are beautiful. Our approach blends expert styling with personalized hair treatments, focusing on the overall health of the hair. We believe that true beauty is rooted in hair wellness, providing a comprehensive and nurturing experience with each salon visit.

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